Bibbed Overall adult sizes

Bibbed Overall waterproof.

Washing, cleaning, milking and MANY times used with shows!

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$ 45

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A tremendous popular item is our bibbed overall.

Bibbed overalls are very comfortable to use in the winter and summer, with jeans, leggings, hoodie or T-shirt underneath you can use them all year around.

The inside of the bib comes with a large pocket with zipper so you can keep your phone and paperwork in a safe dry place when working.

Small:    $45.-   Overall Length S 53"   134.6 cm    Waist: 20”   52 cm     Hip: 23”    57 cm

Medium: $47.-  Overall length M 55"   137.7cm     Waist: 21”    54 cm    Hip: 24”    59cm

Large:     $47.-  Overall length  L 57"   144.7cm     Waist: 22”    56cm     Hip: 25”    61cm

Hot Pink

Navy Blue

Machine wash & dry